Bob Enloe Appointed Vice President of Health and Wellness for The LaSalle Group

IRVING, Texas (June 6, 2016) – The LaSalle Group, Inc., a national leader in residential memory care, with more than 40 Autumn Leaves communities nationwide, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bob Enloe as Vice President of Health and Wellness.

Enloe will coordinate health care programs across the Autumn Leaves network by implementing new health care policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance with all federal and state laws in regard to resident care. He is also responsible for hiring and training health care employees, as well as monitoring team efficiency, productivity, and best practices to enhance quality of care and clinical outcomes.

“I want to assist the team in continually enhancing our health care programs and improving quality of life for our residents,” said Enloe. “It is my duty to ensure the right training, support and tools are made available to the teams to heighten our residents’ experience as well as their families.”

Enloe, who has degrees in nursing, Education and Healthcare Administration, has over 30 years of experience in the medical industry and more than 15 years’ experience in assisted living and memory care services. “I have a passion to work with our residents and families that goes beyond a job or career; it is who I am,” said Enloe, who has exhibited a deep compassion for his community in working with the elderly, mentally handicapped, and in crisis prevention.

Throughout his three decades of service, Enloe has been responsible for improving clinical practices and quality of life for residents of senior living communities on a national level, and his accomplishments include the development of a countrywide memory care training program.

“Bob’s achievements and unparalleled commitment to the health care industry make him the ideal fit for Vice President of Health and Wellness at The LaSalle Group,” said Christopher Rio, Executive Vice President of Management of The LaSalle Group, Inc. “We are excited to have him onboard and confident in his ability to further advance our standard of care.”

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