The LaSalle Group is comprised of seven distinct departments, each committed to advancing the quality of our senior living management.


The Accounting team is responsible for handling all accounting functions for the various business lines of The LaSalle Group, Inc. including corporate, development, construction, and property management. The team is also responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management for all operating entities as well as accounting oversight for the corporate and management functions throughout the company. The accounting department facilitates the preparation of all corporate and partnership tax returns, maintains lender relationships, and provides financial reporting to our lenders and investors.

Asset Management

The Asset Management team plays a central role in helping The LaSalle Group make sound decisions that impact our communities’ financial and operational performance. Working collaboratively with the management team, they are able to plan, forecast, and manage owners’ and investors’ assets. This is done through a series of strategic controls that help keep the company and investors operationally sound. Utilizing a strategic plan, Asset Management also manages lease negotiation and review, community improvements, operating expenses, vendor selections, and capital expenses.


The Finance team is responsible for working with banks and investors to ensure funding for projects that The LaSalle Group is developing. Providing all necessary information along with extensive studies showing business viability, market research, and full business plans, this team develops relationships that allow for steady but smart business growth. In addition, this team oversees budgeting, project management, lender relationship management, and source financing.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team conducts and manages the interviewing and hiring process for all divisions and entities of The LaSalle Group. From the initial placement of job opportunities to the scheduling of interviews, conducting full background checks, and reference interviews, the department is available to help all division and departments throughout the company. With a strong team of seasoned human resource professionals, the team ensures that all applicants and hired team members fit the culture and mission of the company and its divisions.

Innovative Technology

The Innovative and Information Technology team evaluates, plans, and delivers technology related solutions and services for The LaSalle Group, Inc, and its divisions. The team ensures next generation solutions that facilitate company growth, enhance resident care services, and improve overall employee productivity. Solutions include in-house custom application development, outsourced services, infrastructure, and help desk services. The IT help desk service provides support to all employees across all business systems and technology related products and services. The IT team strives to function as an operational and business partner working proactively across the organization.


The Legal team works closely with all departments and divisions of The LaSalle Group, Inc. to ensure that all company legal matters are reviewed against best industry practices and applicable regulations. The team manages all legal aspects throughout the company from transactional start-up through day-to-day operations.


The Marketing team consists of corporate-level and in-market personnel. Marketing plans for each residence are developed and tracked on a community and regional level, including advertising and participation in community events. Best practices and guidelines are created for and used by the in-market directors as well as feedback tools such as admissions and exit surveys. The marketing team also oversees various marketing initiatives including partnering and channel strategies at the community and regional level, as well as compliance with branding standards. Close involvement with partners and building relationships within the community are an important aspect of the marketing strategy. The home office marketing team is also responsible for marketing communications and media relations.

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