Autumn Leaves of Arlington and Rockwall Kick Off “So Much More To Do”

New program promotes physical activity and engagement for memory impaired residents.

IRVING, Texas (August 6, 2015) – Autumn Leaves, a leading residential memory care provider, is launching a physical fitness campaign to increase residents’ cognitive function called “So Much More To Do” in all 40 communities nationwide. Its Rockwall and Arlington communities will host open-to-the-public launch events from 5-7 p.m. on Aug. 12 and 13, respectively.

The evening’s activities will introduce chair chi, a variation of tai chi chuan that is done from the safety of a chair. Chair chi is a gentle exercise suitable for all fitness levels and is ideal for people living with dementia because it improves mental abilities while promoting strength, balance, and flexibility. Autumn Leaves is the first residential memory care provider to certify all of its life engagement managers to teach the chair chi program.

Autumn Leaves will also debut its Trailblazers program to encourage residents to walk. The program starts with a simple question: “If you could walk anywhere, where would you want to go?” Whether it’s San Francisco, London or somewhere in between, Autumn Leaves will then map out and track the route, converting simple participation into miles covered, with visuals and great stories along the way. This takes residents to special places in their lives, while putting them on the path to better mobility, mood, and engagement.

“Our ‘So Much More To Do’ pillar helps keep residents engaged with their surroundings while maintaining movement, which is important to their well-being,” said Autumn Leaves Life Engagement Director Clair Jameson. “We know that exercise physically alters the brain in ways that help maintain cognition, reduce depression and stress, and aid with sleep problems common in those with dementia. Chair chi and Trailblazers offer our residents a safe way to get moving while staying in a positive, safe, social group setting.”

In addition to chair chi demonstrations and Trailblazers information, dinner will be served at each event, guests will also receive a gift package that includes a variety of items to promote their own physical activity. The “So Much More To Do” launch events will roll out across all 40 of the Autumn Leaves communities in August and September.

The physical activity program is just one element of Autumn Leaves’ unique resident engagement program called “So Much More” that helps residents live life to the fullest.
Other pillars in the “So Much More” initiative include a culinary program (“Savor”), music appreciation (“Experience”), artistic programming (“Express”), and community support and volunteerism (“Share”). For more information, visit

For more information about the Autumn Leaves of Arlington community, go to To RSVP for the “So Much More To Do” launch, please contact Christopher Hall at or 682-777-6386.

For more information about the Autumn Leaves of Rockwall community, go to To RSVP for the “So Much More To Do” launch, please contact Suzanne Withorn at or 469-273-0484.

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