Autumn Leaves Unveils a Revolutionary Concept in Memory Care

IRVING, Texas (Feb. 19, 2016) This week we opened our newest Autumn Leaves community and it is located in Westover Hills (San Antonio, Texas area). I am excited to say this marks a revolutionary step in Autumn Leaves’ history that I want to share with you, so that you are well informed and can share with others. The changes implemented in this new model will not only serve Westover Hills, but every one of our communities, as we look to incorporate elements of the new programming into our existing communities as well.

The Autumn Leaves name represents quality, family values, and a groundbreaking approach to unsurpassed memory care with personalized programs and scientifically proven strategies designed to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. Our So Much More™ program touches on the key components for improving quality of life, such as exercise, good food, artistic expression, music, and volunteerism. While each Autumn Leaves community conducts itself with these focuses in mind, Westover Hills has made some amazing modifications to ensure an even better experience for our residents.

The first exciting change is our community’s secure “figure 8” layout, which creates a seamless pathway for our residents to wander freely. Starting in Westover Hills and going forward this will now all be indoors. And our now completely-contained outdoor courtyards, gardening areas, and walking paths offer a safe and unrestricted environment as well. We have also added a putting green to our peaceful outdoor landscape courtyard, in order to promote nostalgic physical activities. Then, in keeping with our focus to reduce stress, initiate better cognitive recall, and encourage socialization between residents and their families, we have designated an area that we call our “musical playground” with horns, tambourines, drums, and whistles.

Music is a vital piece of Westover Hills and an essential part of our So Much More™ program. According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, music, when used properly, can “shift mood, manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive function, and coordinate motor movements.” That is why we provide listening stations in our sunroom where residents can enjoy personalized playlists at their leisure.

Another fascinating addition to Westover Hills is our “relaxation room”, which is meant to soothe anxiety and agitation. This is achieved by gently stimulating each of our residents’ five senses. We provide a planetarium for virtual stargazing, nature sounds for auditory catharsis, a scent diffuser to add a comforting aroma to the room (scent is also a strong trigger for memory), “fidget” blankets to calm the nerves, and comfortable furniture to make each resident feel at home.

Again, Westover Hills will serve as a model for both new and existing Autumn Leaves communities. Our residents can stimulate their taste buds in the new and open design of Jean’s kitchen, a spacious dining area named in honor of my grandmother, Jean Meyers. Residents can also take advantage of light chair massages and our walk-in whirlpool bath for further relief. Exemplary resident care will be illustrated in every aspect of this community, including a private exam room and therapy room. Visiting physicians and other health care professionals will also have a place to work.

Most importantly, exactly the same as all of our communities, Westover Hills will provide the comfort of home, the safety of an expertly trained staff, and an improved quality of life for all of our residents. I am proud to say that, once again, Autumn Leaves has redefined the meaning of quality memory care. Thank you to everyone involved!

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