Thank you for visiting our partner relations page and for your interest in The LaSalle Group. Our goal is to continue to strategically grow our company at a smart pace, identifying prime locations in under-served markets for our Autumn Leaves and senior living residences, and to leverage our expertise in health care and other specialized real estate. Together, through strategic relationships with our partners, we will maximize our opportunities.

We want to thank our current partners for their continued support and look forward to strengthening our relationship with them. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about partnerships with The LaSalle Group.

Thriving Assisted Living Businesses

With an impressive 24 year track record, The LaSalle Group’s businesses have historically generated strong returns. Since we are an owner and general partner, we are concerned with building lasting relationships that not only deliver solid returns to our partners but also meet the growing demand for senior living services.

The Growing Need for Senior Living Services

With almost 44 million Americans aged 65 and over, The LaSalle Group understands the growing need for senior living services and is expanding into regions where demand outweighs supply.

Partnering with The LaSalle Group

What can you expect when you partner with The LaSalle Group? Plenty.

  • We align our interest with our partners.
  • We help mitigate risk.
  • We are relationship-driven.
  • We have financial strength and a solid capital budget plan.
  • We are in the memory care business for the long-term.
  • We manage the assets for the life of the asset.
  • We have a broad geographic appeal.
  • We manage the business for you.

Investing with The LaSalle Group

The LaSalle Group is always looking for interested investors and capital partners with a passion for excellence. We provide the capital partner with a solid investment and a reliable management team. The LaSalle Group is responsible for the performance of each investment. We know what it takes to get properties up, running, and stabilized. And, we work closely with our partners by educating them about:

  • Our business.
  • The senior living industry.
  • Why we are unique and how we differentiate ourselves from our competition.

With over 24 years of experience, we understand every aspect of the senior living industry — inside and outside. As your long-term partner, we are managing the business for you.

If you would like to learn more about how you can partner with The LaSalle Group, call us today at 1-800-452-7255.

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